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People Food, Pet Danger

Melissa Sullivan's 4 month old puppy Rusty isn't feeling too well today.

"Apparently, he got a hold of something that didn't agree with him and he started throwing up pretty good," she explains.

She rushed to see her vet, Dr. Post. Turns out little Rusty likes to eat things he shouldn't. Dr. Post says it's a common problem.

"That's a daily event at every vet clinic in the nation. Table food, getting in the trash. We call it dietary indiscretion," says Dr. David Post.

Certain people foods can actually be deadly to dogs. Things like avocados, chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins and fat.

"Dogs don't have the same ability to metabolize things that humans do, so they aren't prepared to address the elements in these foods," he says.

Depending on the size of your dog, just one grape can have serious consequences.

"It can cause things like liver problems and kidney problems," says Dr. Post.

Since Melissa brought little Rusty in right away, Dr. Post was able to make him better with just a little medicine. Melissa says she's learned a good lesson, from now Rusty is only getting dog food.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.

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