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Second aggravated robbery charge secured in ETMC robberies

Royce Dewayne Allen, the suspect in two separate attacks outside of ETMC, has now been charged with a second count of aggravated robbery. One for the robbery in January, and the other for the most recent robbery.
We have learned that two relatives, a girlfriend and even one of the victims were the ones who identified him from surveillance video.

The arrest affidavit explains there were several clues that led to Allen's arrest.

Relatives say they recognized Allen in the videos. According to the affidavit, one relative says his unique walk gave him away. 

Police also say one fact that stands out in both surveillance videos was his shoes. When police arrested him, they recognized his dark blue boots, which ended up being an exact match to the shoes worn by the attacker in the surveillance videos. 

Authorities showed Allen's girlfriend that same footage. Afterwards, she said she was one hundred percent certain the man seen in those videos was Allen. 

When detectives met with Melinda Fox, she picked Allen out of a six person photo line-up and says she and many others can now feel safe knowing her attacker is off the streets.

Despite Allen's arrest, ETMC officials say they are going to continue with their plan to enhance security at their campus in Tyler. 


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