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'It's the desire for approval, approval from our peers'


It's the question many want answered- what would motivate someone to seek a medical procedure from a non-medical person in a salon?

"There is a big desire in people to change their appearance," said Mack Stewart, Family Practice Medical Doctor.

"It may have to do with desperation. It may have to do with being naive. It may have to do with lack of money. There are a whole lot of factors that could entice someone to go through that kind of treatment," said Dr. James Motlagh, Plastic surgeon.

"It's the desire for approval, approval from our peers," said Wade French, Licensed Professional Counselor.

French said it's not uncommon for people, especially women, to have a need to want to change their appearance.

He said often because they feel they will reap greater rewards if they do.

"To have the image or the presentation that will allow us access to employment, to social activities, relationships is extremely strong," said French.

So strong, Dr. Mack Stewart said some people put their health in danger just to attain the look they desire.

"And so they'll go to someone's house, or a non medical facility and sometimes medical facilities and be told they're going to get something that just sounds out of reach, but they're going to believe it because that's what they want to believe," said Dr. Stewart.

Both Dr. Stewart and Dr. Motlagh said anyone who wants to have a cosmetic procedure done should consult a medical doctor and check their credentials.

Dr. Stewart also said it's good to do your research on online and check what the procedure you want entails before your consultation with a doctor.

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