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We live in an area that has a lot of schools that have soccer. TJC, UTT, many high schools, & the Tyler Soccer Association. We have schools that are going to be in playoffs this year. This is a sport that is played pretty much all year with a couple of breaks. Help get the public interested in this great sport that is the most popular sport in the world! You have links to the other popular sports, why not soccer?
-- Brian Perry (3/9/4)

Thanks for your email. Since I came to the sports department in September, we have done stories on the soccer programs at Letourneau, Lee, and UT Tyler (men's and women's). We also covered the national juco tournament at TJC. We try and spread our sports coverage around to hit all of the sports our local kids are playing, such as football, soccer, volleyball, softball, etc. Soccer is especially important to me, since I grew up in a soccer area. I played ten seasons growing up as a defenseman and a goalie, and I played indoor as well. I enjoy the game, and wish more people would give it a chance. As for why we don't have a link for soccer, I'll be honest and tell you I don't know, but we'll look into it. Thanks!
-- Reid


I missed hearing where Michael Coleman was going. Could you tell me, please and will we see him on TV again?
-- Thelma (3/8/4)

Coleman is the new sports director at Long Island Cable news in New York. It's really a major jump for him. We hate to see him go, but it's a fantastic opportunity.
-- Reid

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