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Is your job making this world a better place?

 A new survey asked Americans if their jobs make the world a better place to live.

There were mixed results, but it was interesting that one percent of respondents actually make the world a worse place to live.

Of that one percent, 42 percent said they were fast food workers and about 5 percent were attorneys.

Take Juan Garcia, he's a manager at CiCi's here in Tyler and said when it comes to his job of course it makes the world a better place, but why?

"Pretty much we're a community restaurant. We get to do a lot of things with the schools, with T.I.S.D., with churches and I pretty much love to share that with the community," said Garcia.

Moving on from restaurants to the convenience store world, Sammie Sheikh said he's been in the gas station business for 11 years.

Does he think his job makes this world a better place?

"Oh no, a job is a job. Anywhere a job is a job," said Sheikh.

Even though for Sheikh, a job is well a job, he said it gives him the ability to take care of his family and spend money locally.

"I can a buy a house; I can buy a better car. That's it because it's a necessity in this country," said Sheikh

Another thing that's a necessity in this country: bankers.

Does financial service specialist Vincent Alfaro think he makes this world a better place?

"I'm actually really passionate about my job. I'm out there trying to help the community on ways that they can bank because most people are really afraid to open an account or coming into a bank or feel comfortable talking to a banker," said Alfaro.

So when it comes to East Texas, it looks like it's a toss up. What do you think?

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