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Gift of Love: David, Jorge and Elizabeth

It was an afternoon of sweets with these three sweet siblings as we made our way through the yogurt line at Toppings.  The oldest is 12 year old David. He is smart and hard working. In school, David's favorite subject is P. E.

"We can lift weights and play around. Play basketball and football," David said. 

David also loves to play computer and video games.  

"Video games, movies, T. V.," David said.

David says he loves scary movies! He also enjoys playing the piano and is very talented. 

When it comes to his family, David wants an active one that likes to be on the move.

"I really like going places," David said. 

David's 11 year old brother, Jorge, loves to go places too!  This sixth grader says he's excited about being in middle school.

"I like it because I get more opportunities. I get my own assigned lap top and stuff," Jorge said.

Jorge's favorite subjects include, "math, oh yeah, I do like science just a little," Jorge said.

Like his brother David, Jorge likes to go outside and play sports.

"Soccer and basketball," Jorge said.

Jorge is also taking piano lessons and enjoys it.

Then there's the youngest, 5-year-old Elizabeth. She is sweet and bubbly and shy too.  When she grows up she wants to help others.

"A doctor," Elizabeth said.
She enjoys helping out around the house and also likes to help with the flowers and gardening.  Elizabeth also likes to play with her dolls and play dress up. 

As for her favorite colors, "purple and hot pink," Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth tells me her favorite thing to eat is pancakes with syrup. And she'd also like a puppy that she would name princess.
David, Jorge and Elizabeth want to be adopted and understand what it means to have a forever family.
"A family that is nice to me," Elizabeth said.

The children are both anxious and excited and want to be adopted by a family where they can fit in well and feel at home.

"I'd like a nice family. I'd like for it to be my race so I can fit in and feel better," David said. 
It is felt that they would do best in a two parent home and possibly have older siblings who can be a role model to them, leading by example. 

"Have a good family that would keep me instead of just giving me up," Jorge said.

They just want to be together in a home where someone will love them and take care of them, showing them the Gift of Love
If you'd like to know more about David, Jorge and Elizabeth call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-kids-275.

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