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Tyler salon owner investigated after potentially harmful breast injections

UPDATE - Salon owner wanted for illegally practicing medicine

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas salon owner is under investigation after being accused of giving a woman breast enhancement injections that made her extremely ill.

Because charges have not yet been filed against the salon owner, neither she nor the salon is  being identified at this point in the investigation.

The woman's friends say they're frightened that whatever was injected into their friend could end up taking her life.

"My friend was under the impression that there was a lady in Tyler giving breast injections and that she had a license and that she used to work at a doctor's office," says DeVora Templeton.

DeVora says her friend Sheena got those injections last Wednesday, and today police say Sheena is at a Longview hospital in critical condition, fighting for her life.

"She's not getting any better, the specialists want to know what they put inside her breasts, they want to know that so they can help her," says DeVora.

Police say they've visited Good Shepherd Medical Center where Sheena was admitted and talked to her doctors.

"At this point the doctors don't know what was injected into her breasts, but until they find out they don't know what's causing her these medical issues. Whether she is being poisoned or her body is rejecting it in some way that is causing her this distress," says Tyler Police Major Crimes Unit Detective Andy Erbaugh.

Detective Erbaugh says the owner of that salon is now under investigation.

"We are currently investigating the case, we have been to that business and we have conducted a search of that business. Evidence was gathered at the business that does lead us to continue our investigation," says Erbaugh.

"This lady told me that she put saline solution in her breasts. Saline water. Saline water is not going to harden your breasts like that and it looks like she has been beaten in her breasts, they're purple, they're bruised bad and swollen," says DeVora.

Tyler Police warn East Texas women to be wary of these types of procedures.

"Nobody should get any medical procedure unless it is by a licensed medical professional, no body should get any type of injection or surgery," says Erbaugh.

But, DeVora fears time is running out.

As Sheena's health deteriorates, DeVora says family is desperate to know what was injected into Sheena's breasts so doctors can treat her. DeVora says Sheena has three young children who need her in their lives.

"I just want somebody to please come forward, please give information, we're not trying to get anybody in trouble, we're just trying to save somebody's life. It's not about anything right now but her life," says DeVora.

Monday KLTV spoke to the salon owner who is being investigated. She denies having anything to do with the injections. We tired contacting her again Tuesday but were unable to reach her. Co-workers tell us they have not seen or heard from her since yesterday.

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