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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Panhandler gets violent at fast food drive through

Michael Vester, photo courtesy Shelby Count Jail. Michael Vester, photo courtesy Shelby Count Jail.

(WMC-TV) – A trip through the drive through lane turned scary for one man when he was violently attacked for not giving money to a man going up to cars and asking for a hand out, according to Memphis police

For Michael Vester, the drive through lane was a prime opportunity to ask for a hand out.

Around 10 o'clock Sunday night, police said he walked up to a car in the McDonald's drive through lane and asked for money, but the driver said no.

That's when police say Vester walked away and into the bushes, but he wasn't taking no for answer. He came back a second time this and officers say that time he was armed with a brick.

Vester is accused of throwing the brick at the victim's car causing around a $1,000 worth of damage to the hood and windshield.

He stood yelling at the victim before running away again, officers said.

A person in line said when the victim drove off to find the man who had just damaged his car, the suspect ran back to the drive through to get the brick he had thrown.

That slowed him down enough for police to find him. He was brought back to the scene and identified.

The manager told police she had seen the man standing around the parking lot harassing customers for money long before bricks starting flying.

Vester is charged with Vandalism over 500 dollars. He's being held at 201 Poplar.

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