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Victim's daughter says ETMC nurse fought back against her attacker


Within the last month, two women have been attacked at East Texas Medical Center in Tyler.

Police say a man armed with a knife attacked a nurse as she was trying to leave work late Monday night.

The 44-year-old nurse is recovering from a stab wound to her right arm.

The last attack was also caught on tape when a robber broke 63-year-old Shirley Steelman's arm while taking her purse.

Police are investigating the possibility that the two cases are related.

Hospital surveillance video did not capture the attack.

William Miller says he remembers seeing the suspect before the attack, "I kept watching him and the more he kept walking back and forth, the more I was starting to suspect something, but I wasn't sure of what until after police had already shown up."

Just 20 minutes before the stabbing, the suspect was caught on camera again, this time he was sitting in the hospital's lobby.

Melinda Fox's 20-year-old daughter, who did not want to go on camera, says her mom's attacker put a knife to her side and told her, "Give me your purse, I have a knife."

This is the second attack in less than a month outside of ETMC.

In the video from the first attack, you see the suspect walking through the garage, following 63-year-old Shirley Steelman.

At the time of the January attack, police described what the suspect told his victim. "He waited until she was alone, there was nobody behind her, again stated that he had a knife and took her purse and then threw her up against the wall, causing her to break her arm--as she was either thrown on the wall or down on the ground," said Don Martin, Tyler Police.

We're told the victim did fight back--hitting her attacker with an umbrella, and that's when he stabbed her in the arm and took her purse.

Fox was treated and released for her injuries.

Police describe the suspect as a black male, thin build, standing around 5'8". He was wearing a black hooded coat, red shirt, dark pants and tennis shoes.

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