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Johnson following in brothers footsteps

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) - Two years ago, Jaron Johnson chose to stay close to home.

"People that followed me through high school still follow me through college, so it has been like a real hometown basis, it really is the hometown love."

Jaron Johnson and his family have seen the love from Tyler Junior College before.

It's where Johnson turned to, after turning down other colleges.

"His brother played here, so he has big shoes to fill," said assistant coach Ifeanyi Koggu.

"I came to every game he had," said Johnson, "I would not mind following in his footsteps."

Four years ago, Jaron's older brother Justin was an Apache.

After two years of Division I basketball at Iowa, Justin now plays professionally in Canada.

The younger Johnson, hopes the same path awaits him.

"He encouraged me to come here, to better myself, to get to where I want to go," said Jaron, "I see myself doing what he do, following in his footsteps a little bit, but making my own choices as I go along."

"There are things in his game that he needs to work on to become that ultimate player that he wants to be," said Koggu, "But he has a real good chance to be real special."

Johnson leads the Apaches in scoring and is near the top in the conference.

Like his brother, he is hoping it will lead him to the next level.

"It is really hard for people to come out of East Texas and play D-I, hopefully I finish out these two years and do what I dreamed of doing, playing D-I basketball."

But first things first.

"To be born and raised and have the tournament for Tyler Junior College and to win it, that would mean alot."

And it would mean bragging rights over big brother.

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