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Community comes together to help homeowner

Investigators are still trying to figure out what sparked a fire near Chandler Elementary, that neighbors say started with an explosion. 

The fire broke out around 5:15pm on Fourth street, less than a mile from Chandler Elementary school. 

The flames may be gone, but the smell of smoke lingers in the air.

"You open the back door and you just know how thankful you are that everything is fine," neighbor Jamie Boyd told us. 

It's Jamie's phone call for help that helped save her neighbor's home.

"I work at a bank, so I was off today and I would not have been home if it hadn't have been President's Day. I just glanced out the window and saw flames, so I immediately at 5:18 p.m. called 9-1-1," Jamie explained. 

When Jamie saw her neighbor's truck in the driveway, she knew she had to do something.

"I banged on the door and nobody answered. Immediately after, we realized that nobody was home so we went to assist the dogs," Jamie told us. 

As she ran to the backyard to save the dogs, others stepped in to help.

"Some of the other neighbors and I were trying to get the dogs out of the backyard and there was like things exploding like propane or something that was just popping like firecrackers," Jamie explained. 

The homeowner arrived not long after to see her dogs safe, but her home up in smoke. However, firefighters say it's a blessing the house is still standing.

"Seventy percent smoke and water (damage) probably, but as far as total damage I don't think there is but about 35 percent of the house maybe that's totally destroyed. I don't think it will take that much to rebuild the house," said Chandler Fire Chief Robert York. 

Chief York said the wind was really blowing, which put other homes in the area in danger. 

"Really, with the wind blowing like it was today, if you stop one you did good," he told us.

Shaken up, but safe, the homeowner has a community behind her.

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