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Stray bullet lands on ETX man's couch


An East Texas man woke up to find a bullet that apparently crashed through his ceiling and landed on the couch he was sleeping on.

It happened Saturday, around 1:30 AM on the 16,000 block of CR 3215 in Winona.

"I was lying on the couch watching TV and all of a sudden got woken up, I guess I had fallen asleep and had sheet rock on my head. I think I just brushed it off and kind of went back to sleep, but after 30 minutes I woke up and looked up and saw the spot in my ceiling," said Steve Loveless, found bullet hole in ceiling.

Loveless said he didn't hear the gunshot, but found the destruction it caused in his living room.

"I happened to look up and that's when I saw it and I went and got my wife and she got the vacuum cleaner and that's when I found the bullet on the floor. I think when I rolled off I think it either fell off the blanket, or came off the couch, but I found it underneath the blanket over here," said Loveless.

Since the Loveless family lives outside the city limits, Loveless said gunshots are a common thing since many hunt, or target shoot in the area.

He also said there is about eight inches between the roof and ceiling and believes the bullet came in at an angle, and was slowed down after it hit the roof.

"It could have been during the day, my kids could have been out here playing. It could have hit one of my cars; if it had come through the walls it could have done something else. Shooting up in the air you don't know where it's going to land it's going to come down eventually," said Loveless.

Even if the shooter is found, Loveless is not concerned with filing charges, but wants people to be careful when using fire arms.

The Smith County Sheriff's Office said they are investigating the case and have recovered the bullet as evidence.

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