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Ouch! Pain at the pump hits East Texas

We know you're all feeling it: pain at the pump, as the saying goes, is continuing to be felt across ETX, and across the country. In fact, the cost of gas just hit its highest price ever for a Presidents' Day weekend. KLTV's Bethany Moore will explain more about the reason behind pain at the pump tonight at 5.

Then at 6, our Melanie Torre will show you some of the areas highest fuel prices, and we'll introduce you to KLTV's Pump Patrol. Maybe we can all help each other out by sharing the prices we see across the area! More details on that tonight.

Any idea how much statistics say it costs to raise a child in an average middle-class family in America these days? The Department of Agriculture has released the numbers: $14,000 per year, according to their research. Makes sense that in a tough economy, Americans are having fewer children. More on that at 5.

A Winona man woke to an unwelcome surprise early Saturday morning: a bullet was shot through the ceiling of his home, causing a clump of his ceiling to drop into his face, startling him awake. KLTV's Samantha Jordan spoke with the man today and will share his story with you tonight at 6.

Rusk county authorities raided two homes over the weekend, seizing various drugs, guns, and cash. Seven people were arrested during these raids, and at 6 we'll tell you who they were and the details from the raid. Stay tuned for that!

We'll see you soon!

Stephanie Frazier

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A 25 year old man and two 14 year old girls were killed Sunday morning after their car veered of the road and slammed into a tree. Authorities say no one was wearing their seat belts. Click here for the story.


A celebrity web site posted the first photo of pop star Rihanna's face with bruises, scratches and swelling from an attack alleged to be at the hands of boyfriend, Chris Brown.

The image, posted TMZ, shows welts on the woman's forehead above each of her eyebrows, marks on her cheek and around her lips and general swelling.


Gladewater Marine Awarded Bronze Star


On this day in 2006, drivers headed out to a dangerous mess in Smith County Frozen bridges and overpasses were just too slick for some drivers to maneuver.

Icy Weather Contributes To Thirty-Six Wrecks In Smith County


A contractor in Van Zandt County stumbled upon a rare site-- four baby river otters. It was a very unusual discovery. To read the story, click here.

The University of Texas at Tyler's softball team opened their first ever season by splitting a double-header with Northwood. How did they fare? Click here for the story.


Searchers recovered the front landing gear of the space shuttle Columbia from some woods near the Toledo Bend Reservoir. The gear, which was largely intact, is about 8 feet long and resembles a hydraulic cylinder. The wheels were still on both hubs.

Columbia came in down pieces across East Texas on February 1, 2003.


The body of the Nascar superstar Dale Earnhardt was returned to
North Carolina for burial after the infamous fatal crash in Daytona Beach.

Meanwhile, Tim Beverley of Tyler Jet, who raced alongside Earnhardt with his Nascar tea, said he felt that new safety improvements, like the "hans" "head and neck restraint system", needed to be mandated immediately.

Napster offered record companies a one billion dollar settlement if they
drop a suit that could shut down the company.
The internet song-swapping service would pay the major record labels 150 million dollars annually for the first five years. An additional 50 million would be allotted annually for independent labels.

The prior week, a federal appeals court in California ruled that the Napster site
knew its customers were violating copyright laws by allowing them to download copyrighted music.



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