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City cuts funding from Total Healthcare Center


It could mean tighter times ahead for folks needing help with their health insurance.

The City of Tyler has pulled $265,000 from the Federally Qualified Health Center in Smith County.

The City of Tyler says they pulled the funding due to administrative leadership instability along with financial concerns.

The Total Healthcare Center in Tyler was receiving more than $480,000 four years ago, then in 2009 it was cut to $236,000.

On Monday, the City of Tyler announced all the funding for The Total Healthcare Center is pulled.

"Because of some on-going issues that haven't been resolved than we kind of have to take the next step, which is until the issues get resolved we're suspending all funding," says Tyler City Attorney, Gary Landers.  

Landers explains one of their concerns is the ability to keep a CEO for a period of time, "Just recently another Executive Director resigned, coupled with receiving their invoice for request for payment is what led to the City taking action at this point." 

Total Healthcare Center has had four different CEO's in the last four years. Doctors say that's because of a limited selection.

"There's only a few qualified FQHC CEO's, even in Texas, I think there's three in Texas, that are qualified," says Total Healthcare Center, Doctor Carl Westbrook.

Landers says even though the funding has ceased for now, it's not necessarily permanent. They just want the Center to resolve the issues with their agency, HRSA and with their Administrative leaders.

"That's our goal, is that Total Healthcare Network will remain a viable local indigent that can provide these healthcare services," says Landers.

Doctors say the pulling of these funds makes it difficult, "We are here, we are committed, we're not going anywhere, they're may be turnover at the top but they're isn't any turnover here at the doctor level," says Doctor Jathan Cantu.

According to the Tyler City Attorney, the City has been working with the Total Healthcare Center for the last fiscal year on a month-to-month basis regarding the funding.

In the end, the City says funding indigent healthcare is not its primary responsibility, but the county's.

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