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East Texan related to royalty


One East Texas man says he not only knows where his grandfather and great grandfather came from, he can also tell you where his 35th great grandfather came from, and he says it just so happens to be Charlemagne, or Charles the Great.  TJ Tucker says diving into his family history all started when he asked his grandfather a simple question.

"I was very intrigued by where people came from especially when I would hear my dad tell people that he was born in Alabama. I then asked my grandfather where he came from and he said Alabama and I asked about his father and he said Georgia I said how about his father and he said I don't know" TJ said. "Finally when I clicked on the Caroline person that was a child of Charlemagne and his name popped up and I remember saying wow. I couldn't wait to tell all the kids."

TJ says he does not have his ties to Charlemagne certified, but says ancestry dot com is a reliable source.

"I think they're quite reliable its my understanding that ancestry is affiliated with the Mormon church and they are very effective in doing family research."

Family research that TJ has been doing for over thirty years, has traces to England, France and Germany, and says he will continue to keep going until he hits a dead end.

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