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03/08/04 - East Texas

Gas Prices On The Rise

It's a topic that touches nearly everyone, the price of gas. Over the last few months, that price has shot up nearly  .25 cents a gallon to a nationwide average of a $1.77, and it doesn't look like there is any relief in sight.

AAA predicts gas prices will continue to go up until Labor Day. Right now in Texas, a gallon of gas will cost you around $1.57.

Most stations in East Texas Monday had regular unleaded gas at just below that at about $1.55, but even that price is around a quarter more than it was just before the end of last year.

The drastic jump in price pinches everyone in the pocketbook, but businesses and individuals who make a living on the road really feel the crunch. Places like East Texas Refrigeration, Incorporated in Tyler budgeted for gas at $1.30 this first quarter. That means everyday gas is above that price they lose money. Many times those costs are pushed on to the consumer.

You can help East Texans find cheap gas. If you know where the lowest gas prices in East Texas we want to hear from you. Go to our homepage, and click on the "Pump Patrol" icon. There, you can tell us where you've found cheap gasoline.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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