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The 'tax wavers' have arrived

They're back because the tax man cometh. Yes, those wacky wavers employed by Liberty Tax are dressing up to wave you down, and remind you to do your taxes.

We were lured in by their charm and found out that this year, there is competition in the ranks.

This is a waver. His secret identity is Clarence. Maybe I shouldn't have told everyone that, but I'm sure his friends could make out his face even under that spiky hat.

"January of last year I came here, and I started back again in January of this year. I couldn't stay away," said Clarence Jones.

He works a four hour shift because it can be quite a workout. But, this year he's got a co-worker that never gets tired.

"You could have a replacement here," I said, pointing at the robo-waver.

"We can work together," He claimed.

"You get along with the robot?" I asked.

"Yeah, me and the robot get along fine," he laughed.

"That good, because I don't want to see any robo-wars, or transformers."

Clarence has embraced the technology. It's almost like the Hall Of Presidents or something. And, he's enjoying some of the same benefits as last year.

"You get to meet a lot of people. Greet a lot of people, you know. As long as they start coming in, it's just fine. I could be out here waiting for them." Clarence observed.

"Mostly I'm just here listening to the radio and waving. Some stop and want to take pictures with me, or just get out and ask me how I'm doing. And, when it's cold I've had a few of them stop and bring me a hot chocolate and stuff like that while I'm out here," he said.

"That's a pretty sweet deal, "I said.

Literally. Clarence admits he's partial to a certain Statue Of Liberty costume.

"You like the red, don't you?" I asked Clarence.

"Yes I do."

I just hope the color doesn't anger the Taxinator.

The wavers are in place until after dark, so be careful out there. They'll be waving away until tax day.

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