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Smith Co. Sheriff Candidate Forum


Friday, Smith County Sheriff candidates took the stage trying to prove to voters they're the best man for the job.

The first question tossed their way was about how to cut down on the number of unsolved homicides in the county.

"You have the first 24 to 48 hours. Every investigator that worked for me when I was the captain of the criminal investigations division at the Gregg County Sheriff's Office knew, not to ask me, that there was no way that they were going home for 24-48 hours," said candidate Larry Smith.

"The sheriff has to put together a team of experts in that field. If a sheriff has to enter the tape of a crime scene then he has probably hired the wrong person," said candidate Chris Green.

It took no time for shots to be fired.

"I would like that candidate to look that person in the eye and tell them it's not his job to find out who killed their loved one," said Smith.

"[Smith] wasn't even there the first 48 hours," said candidate Bobby Garmon when recalling an investigation he worked.

Each candidate has their own plans for making the county more financially efficient

"Number one we're going to implement a $20 book in fee at the jail that'll general $260,000," said candidate Donn Rust.

"I want you to pay attention. All of these guys can tell you they can do this and do that, they cannot do it," said candidate Garmon.

"I can't do it?" replied Rust.

The candidates did agree on a few things, though. One of them, the Supreme Court justice who best reflects their own judicial philosophy.

"I think I already answered that question, but I'd have to go with Justice Scalia," said Smith.
"I agree with Larry down there. Justice Scalia," said Green.
"And I would have to go with Scalia also," said Rust.
"I agree also, Justice Scalia," said Garmon.

And that a vote for them was the best option for leading Smith County forward.

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