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ETX firefighters participate in a mock 'Amazing Race' challenge


Training is essential for firefighters, but today an East Texas fire department spiced up their training to make it more fun, more creative, and more exciting for their firefighters.

The Kilgore Fire Department set up their own creative way to train their firefighters.

"Your first clue, I wish I may I wish I might have what I need at night, if it's dark, it will help me see, what is there in front of me?," reads Captain Michael Stanley to the firefighters.

Stanley says their training is inspired by the show Amazing Race, "Once you read the clue, that will actually guide you to a piece of equipment on the truck, there you will get a second clue of a task you need to compete."

"It's just a good real time experience just training for something that we might actually get ourselves into," says firefighter Matthew Wedgeworth.

Fire Chief, Johnny Bellows, who implemented the idea, says he just wants firefighters to have fun, while training,"I think that the training is the most essential function we do in the fire service we have to be prepared for anything that comes our way."

The firefighters practiced following a hose line as if going through a burning building. "The way they put the cover over our masks, you can't see anything just like it would be in there [burning building]," says Wedgeworth.  

They practiced placing a ladder properly on the ground,"This drill allows them to sound the roof as they proceed onto the roof," says Bellows.  

They also practiced using all their equipment, after all, their lives depend on their training.

"We come together, we work together, we're away from our families for 24-hrs at a time and these are guys we put our lives in their hands," says Stanley.  

Captain Stanley says the most important part of today's training was to allow the firefighters to know exactly what supplies they have with them on the truck, and how to use all of their equipment efficiently.

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