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Tyler Police say crime, car crashes down


The numbers are in, and some East Texans are apparently a little safer on the roads.

Tyler Police released their annual crime statistics, showing a 10 percent drop in wrecks in the city.

Part of that may be because of something some drivers find a little bit frustrating.

Police say the medians have put a dent in the number of car crashes. Wrecks are down by 10 percent.

"We really do think that's it helped," says Don Martin, Tyler Police, "Again, when you look at the major arteries around the loop and South Broadway where medians have been put in, we've just seen the numbers decrease."

Some drivers like Tracee say the medians are frustrating--often putting traffic at a stand still.

"I just think that it causes traffic to back up more and I just think it causes more wrecks than it helps," says Tracee.
Motorist Tucker says, "I think they're pretty useless because you have to make u-turns to get anywhere and it's pretty annoying."

Other Tyler drivers say the barriers have helped them avoid a collision

The number of deadly crashes went up to 13 in 2011 compared to seven in 2010.  

Last April, police say a drunk driver plowed into 88-year-old Geneva Townsend's car, killing her and her 81-year-old passenger.

"Possibly maybe up to half were alcohol related," said Martin, "Some of those had motorcycles involved in them. We had five motorcycle fatalities."     

Other crimes, like assault and credit card fraud have gone down.

Drug charges increased by 18 percent.

"That's not necessarily bad because that means that officers are out there making self-initiated drug arrests," says Martin.

Overall, police say crime and traffic crashes have steadily gone down over the past  five years--a trend police could get used to.

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