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Concerns over STAAR exam heard by lawmakers


The concerns over a new standardized test have reached the ears of Texas lawmakers.

Last week, we told you about the STAAR exam, which would replace the TAKS test, and count for fifteen percent of high school students' final grades. That might change.

Students in grades three through twelve are required to take the STAAR exam.

"It's going to be more difficult than the TAKS test and that makes me a little nervous because I know a lot of the kids scored low on the TAKS test," parent Raquel Franks told us.

High school students may take up to twelve of these tests before they graduate, and in order to get that high school diploma they need to pass every single one of them.

And one more thing...

"And it's a requirement in the law that the score for the test amount to fifteen percent of a student's grade in the course," said Director of Assessment and Research Dr. Karen Raney.

This has caused confusion across the state.

"At the current time there are no standards for the test. We don't know how to translate any of those grades because it's all a new system," Dr. Raney explained.

So, lawmakers took this into consideration.

"We recently understand that as a result of some hearings at the state level that maybe that's going to be delayed a year," Dr. Raney told us.

The Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott has the power to delay requirements on counting the tests toward final grades....a decision he has not made yet. 

"I think it should be delayed; I think maybe a little bit more information needs to be brought to the parents and to the kids," said Franks.

But what happens if this rule is not delayed?

"Final decisions have not been made about that. People all over the state are trying to figure out what they're going to do," said Dr. Raney.

As for now, students, parents and administration across the state of Texas will just have to wait.

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