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Sports Headlines 2/15/12

This has been a busy, busy sports day in East Texas.  The biggest news of the day was to the west in Fort Worth.  One day after the Big 12 posted the new football schedule featuring TCU, the Horned Frogs have already given their new conference a black eye.  Four football players were among 17 TCU students arrested on drug charges today.  To make matters worse, according to the warrant, one of the players said that drug use was widespread on the Horned Frogs' team.   According to the Fort Worth police, the players arrested are Tanner Brock, D.J. Yendrey, Devin Johnson and Tyler Horn. The four players profiles have already been removed from the TCU athletic website.

Oakland Raiders cornerback Chris Johnson returned to his hometown of Gladewater today to celebrate Black History Month at Gladewater High School.  Johnson told an auditorium full of students that he once sold drugs as a teenager.  Johnson was arrested and considered a lost cause.  The East Texan never gave up and turned his life around.  He hopes other kids can take hope from his story. 

Sources say the Dallas Cowboys have no interest in signing wide receiver Randy Moss.  My question is, why would they?  That makes about as much sense as the fans who think the Cowboys should go after Peyton Manning.  Why would you want Manning?  Tony Romo had pro bowl numbers last season.  If you spend all the money on Manning, you're ignoring all the other problems on the team.  Plus, Manning is not nearly as mobile as Romo, which would mean a lot more sacks.  Trying to land Peyton Manning would be an awful idea.

Some big news from the East Texas Big 8 today.  Jacksonville athletic director and football coach Steve Wells has resigned.  Click here for more. 

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