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3/7/04 - East Texas

Proud Of East Texas

Thirteen years ago "Star Search" was one of the most watched shows on television. At the age of five, Josh Owen was one of Star Search's youngest, and biggest stars.

"I guess while everybody else was playing baseball and stuff, I was playing music," says Josh Owen.

Josh Owen still prefers playing music to baseball. A senior at Brownsboro high school, the eighteen year old already has more professional credits than most people twice his age.

When Josh was a baby, his dad David had a country band, which early on influenced his son's musical taste 

"When I was little I didn't know there was anything else. Country music was all I knew and it's just been my favorite."

By the time Josh was three he had made his stage debut, and by the age of four cut his first record. He was only five when he hit the big time on Star Search, where he appeared five times and was a Jr. vocalist finalist.

At six Josh followed up with an appearance on Maury Povich and at seven he was on the Arsinio Hall show. "I remember meeting Ed McMahon and staying in the hotel room. I can't remember the performance or anything," says Josh.

At the age of ten Josh retired from show business, except for appearances on the Opry Circuit.

A little less than a year ago, Josh got a band together and revived his career with benefits and club dates. Just about every weekend is full now.  He's released a new cd and fame is once again knocking at his door.

"I'd like to produce my own albumns and record songs that I've written an make money doing it," says Josh.

"I want to be a star."

Stardom is illusive for most, but for Josh Owen, who's been there once, it may be just around the corner.

You can catch Josh Owen performing at the Rainbow Room benefit, which provides emergency needs to abused and neglected children and the elderly, March 13th, 7 p.m. at the Canton Civic center.

Joan Hallmark reporting.

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