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ETX family reports 'doggie-drive-by' shooting


Just weeks after moving into an East Texas neighborhood, someone shot and killed an East Texas family's dog--right in front of their home in broad daylight.

The dog was shot Monday morning, in the 14,000 block of CR 468, in Smith County.

"I was still asleep. My mother in law and husband had just left for work and around 8 o'clock I heard a gunshot and someone started yelping," said Robin Ellis, dog's owner.

When Ellis finally made it outside, she said she found three-year-old Coco clinging to her life.

"And I saw her laying there next the fence so I ran over there and her whole side had been blown off. She was barely breathing," said Ellis.

Ellis, unsure of the type of gun the shooter used said the sound was loud enough to wake her up.

"It was almost like a shotgun like that loud because it woke me up, but it couldn't have been it was more of a hollow point. They said most likely it was a handgun," said Ellis.

"I saw the sheriff's department's car over there, so rare to see one over here because nothing really happens in this neighborhood. I went over to find out what happened and that's when I found out that someone had pulled into the driveway and shot the dog," said Ken Pontious, neighbor.

Pontious said he heard a couple of shots fired last week, but didn't see anything.

Pontious said both Coco and Keystone, the family's other dog were friendly.

"They were not aggressive; they were not threatening in any way, shape or form. They were just little dogs," said Pontious.

Ellis said it took 45 minutes for Coco to pass, and was later buried in the backyard.

The family said in order to get peace and closure they want one question answered. Why?

Smith County officials said right now, they do not have a description of the shooter or vehicle.

They are asking anyone with information on this shooting to come forward.


Since this story aired on KLTV, an anonymous donor is offering a $500 reward for information on the person who shot and killed the dog.

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