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The Wienermobile: More smiles per square foot


If you've never seen a hot dog with wheels, now is your chance. The Wienermobile is in Tyler for this weekend's East Texas Auto and Cycle Show.

And, everyone who sees it for the first time will have a memory they will relish.

Yes, everyone has to have a picture standing in front of the Wienermobile. It has to be one of the most photographed vehicles around.

Yolanda Borrego is part of the crew. Her hot dogger name is Yoli Bologna. She takes pictures and hands out weenie whistles for free. They used to come with the hot dogs, but now..

"You only get the wiener whistle when you see the Wienermobile in person," she revealed.

She and her partner, Reece with Relish see nothing but smiling faces for the year they get to drive the dog. They say they have an appetite for adventure. There are only 12 of them driving six metal dogs in different regions of the country.  Car shows are favorite events. More smiles per square foot. And, attendees want to know the specs.

"So it's built on a GM W4 series truck chassis it's got a Chevy engine in it. It's a Chevy Vortech V8 six liter engine," She said.

The first drivable dog hit the streets in 1936, but it didn't survive the war effort. I wonder if a giant bratwurst scared the enemy. Oscar Meyer did feed the troops with canned hot dogs back then.

"Did they launch those canned wieners out of this thing?" I asked Yoli.

"Not that I know of but that would be quite a sight to see," she laughed.

So, they didn't have a tank-dog, but they do have a wienie mini-cooper, which kind of sounds redundant.

"It was built for the 125th anniversary of the company," Yolanda pointed out.

It has a mustard stained carpet, a bun box and even a bun roof.

Sadly, the vehicle isn't set up to cook hot dogs,  so you'll have to find your own if you get a hankering.

But, one thing's certain, everywhere they go, they are their own parade.

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile will be on display at Harvey Convention Center during  the East Texas Auto and Cycle Show. It runs Friday through Sunday.

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