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3/6/04 - Undated

President Defends Political Ads

The ad for the Presidents re-election campaign was released just a few days ago and critics complained he is politicizing the September 11th tragedy.

But Saturday more than a dozen families who lost relatives in that attack have released an "Open Letter to America" declaring their support for President Bush and his ad.

The letter says images of September eleventh are "painful." but it says: "in choosing our next leader we must not forget that day if we are to have a meaningful conversation."

The letter was spearheaded by Jimmy Boyle, former president of the uniformed firefighters association, in response to criticism of the Bush ads.

During a press conference Saturday afternoon in Crawford, Texas the President fielded questions about the ads and whether or not he would pull them. "I will continue to mourn the lives lost.  I will continue to persue this war. I have an obligation to those who died and those who lost their lives. I won't forget that obligation.


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