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03/06/04 - Longview

Champion Turkey Callers in East Texas

         They're child prodigies, not in math or music or science, in turkey calling.

"I just handed them a turkey call and showed them how to use it and they just took off with it," said father Shane Nixon. 

6 years ago outfitter and guide Nixon began working with his 2 daughters on the art of turkey calling.  0 year old Mikayla and 11 year old Marlena took it from there.

   "We just got into it, and we've been going since then," says Marlena.

   They've competed in some of the biggest calling contests in the country, and for the girls the competitions are secondary to the fun of travel. "They competed in the grand nationals 3 weeks ago and 2 weeks ago they went to the U-S open and competed," Shane Nixon says.

   Their home is crowded with trophy's first second and third places, and the girls continue to work hard at it. On any given day, you'll find the Nixons practicing in a family gobble!

  "Most of the time I'm excited more than nervous but when it comes to the big contests I'm really nervous," says 10 year old Mikayla.

  Competing in two divisions, friction and voice, theres no telling how far they can go in the field of talking turkey. The girls placed first and second in a contest in Katy, Texas Saturday.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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