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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Sweethearts reunite after 70 years

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - It plays out like a love story fit for the silver screen.

85-year-old Betty Hove never forgot the handsome young man who captured her heart more than 70 years ago.

The two teenage sweethearts, had just started their romance when John Grosh enlisted in the Navy during World War II.

They lost track of each other for seven decades, but met again today, just in time for Valentine's Day.

It took John Grosh, who is now 87, some time to remember Hove, but now it's like no time has passed.

As soon as John Grosh and Betty Hove met eyes, they fell for each other, again. It has been 70 years since they last saw each other.

The two met when Grosh was working at a California grocery store.

"She came into a grocery store where I used to work," says John Grosh.

"I saw him in the produce department," says Betty Hove.

And after that Hove made any excuse to go grocery shopping. They went on a few dates but their romance was cut short when Grosh enlisted in the Navy during World War II.

They both went on to marry other people and have long lasting relationships. But they were both widowed a few years ago.

That is when Hove's friend searched online for Grosh and found him living in Tifton.

"So I thought what have I got to lose," says Hove.

"You had everything to lose, ME!," says Grosh.

Knowing how she used to feel about him, she decided to contact him.

"I sent you a Christmas card, and I said could you possibly be the same Jack Grosh that worked in Santa Monica in the mid 40's," says Hove.

"And I knew I had been in Santa Monica then, and I knew I had worked at Ralph's, and so she put a phone number on the bottom of that post card and I called her," says Grosh.

But it took a few phone calls for Grosh to remember her. "I have to be honest, she probably remembered more about me than I remembered about her," says Grosh.

But he is remembering. So Hove decided to take a trip to South Georgia to see Grosh for the first time in 70 years.

"Idaho and south Georgia, that is about as far apart as you can get," says Grosh.

"But I found you," says Hove.

But that distance is not keeping these two apart. "We will make up for it on the telephone," says Grosh.

For now they will stick to daily phone calls to keep their new found romance alive.

Betty Hove and her daughter will be here until Friday. She wants to get to know Grosh's family.

They both say it will be sad when she has to leave but they will continue to speak on the phone everyday, until they can see each other again.

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