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Time, thought, effort make for best Valentine's Day gifts


A major part of Valentine's Day is the gift you're getting for your significant other.

According to a group of East Texans I spoke with earlier this week at Sweet Gourmet, a chocolate store in Tyler, I overwhelmingly heard that it's not necessarily the chocolates or flowers or jewelry that make Valentine's Day special -- it's doing something for that special person that they'll enjoy, even if you're doing your shopping on Valentine's Day.

"First you need to get in the car and come on, because you're at the last minute, men. For the most part, women have already completed their shopping for their children and their husbands. It's now a man's day, so there will be a line of men coming in. It's a lot of fun to watch them come in," said Pam Gabriel, Owner of Sweet Gourmet.

Dylan Jennings came to Sweet Gourmet to buy jelly beans for a Valentine's Day gift.

"Just something out of the blue works best," he said. "A lot of times that means more to people than something like a present."

Joe Glover of Tyler bought a lot of chocolate for his wife for Valentine's Day, but says he's not always looking for a conventional gift -- he's looking for the gift that will mean something to her.

"It depends on something that I may have heard my wife mentions that she likes. It may be something that I just happened to notice," Glover said.

Gabriel says giving a great Valentine's gift doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money.

"We have chocolates that you can melt in the microwave, you can get strawberries from the grocery store, and you can dip your own strawberries. We can show you how to do it, it's very easy," she said. "Or come in and get some of our gourmet pastas, we have some wonderful pasta sauces, marinaras, this type thing, and you can create a lovely dinner all by yourself, and she'll swear that everything was from scratch. And it's our secret."

Gabriel said the real key to a great gift is the time you put into it.

"It's the effort. It is the effort that you put into it, I think, that makes the perfect gift," she said. "Think outside the box, guys. It doesn't have to be cookie-cutter. Use your imagination and get out there and do something that's different that you know she's going to love."

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