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Redistricting battle continues, affects East Texas cities


Tuesday, a three-judge panel will determine if the Texas primary date will be delayed for the second time.

Last week, the proposed redistricting plan was widely rejected by democrats and minority rights groups.

We spoke with East Texas city officials to find out how the state's ongoing battle plays a role in city redistricting.

Back in 1964, "one person, one vote" evolved from a US Supreme Court ruling. This makes sure district lines are drawn according to population and ensures minorities are not disenfranchised.

A question that is asked every 10 years after the census.

"Are we actually getting fair and equal representation from each of these different districts?"asked Longview's Community Relations Manager Shawn Hara.

Sometimes this can get right now. Texas lawmakers are in a redistricting battle that affects East Texas cities ... such as Tyler.

"Once that gets settled then the precinct boundaries will be able to be determined. That's what we have to wait on in order to complete our local elections," said Tyler attorney Deborah Pullum. 

But that's all Tyler is waiting on.

"Our council voted on the map back in June 2011 and we've received our pre-clearance for the Department of Justice," Pullum told us.

The city of Longview said their election is on schedule.

"Our redistricting plan really only affected a small percentage of the community; it's about three percent of our total residents so we were able to have a pretty straight forward simple move from a couple of neighborhoods from one district to another," Hara explained.

So how do you know if you are now in a new district?

The city of Tyler has plans to send out a post card notifying residents who have changed districts. It will include a phone number you can call to locate your polling location.

The city of Longview told us they have already notified their residents. However, if you are unsure what district you are in, you can call Longview City Hall.

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