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ETX doc says prescription overdoses on the rise


As investigators continue their search in determining the exact cause of Whitney Houston's death, an East Texas doctor shares his concern regarding mixing prescription drugs with alcohol.

The L. A. Coroner would not say what exactly took the life of 48-year-old Whitney Houston, but he did confirm prescription medication was found in her hotel room.

"The case is still pending, we're waiting for tox, histopathology, toxicology, and the investigation is ongoing," says Ed Winter, the Assistant Chief L. A. County Coroner.

According to online reports, Xanax was one of the drugs Whitney was taking, along with alcohol.

"The sneaky thing about Xanax is that is sort of dull's your ability to know how much alcohol you've had," says Dr. William Moore, the Regional EMS Medical Director in Tyler.

Moore says mixing any kind of narcotic, plus a Xanax and alcohol can be deadly.

"That's a triple hit to your brain and as in terms of being able to function, it just can't process that information," says Moore.

Moore says prescription overdose is the leading cause of death in Texas; and is number one in the nation from the age range of 45 to 54. He said one reason is due to stress, "When you make a mistake and you're the banker, or you're the lawyer or your the professional person, you just don't make mistakes."

Moore says doctors will prescribe medicine like Xanax to help with the anxiety.

"If your thoughts are all angry or upset or disturbed, to have that kind of drug is very helpful cause all those thoughts seem to go away when you take it," says Moore, "You never want to mix prescription drugs with alcohol."

"your just not aware that your that limp, and unable to distinguish what's dangerous about what's hap penning," Moore continues.

Up to this point, officials still refuse to speculate on a cause of death.

While Houston's family awaits answers about the cause of her death, they are making funeral arrangements.

Results could take six to eight weeks.

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