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Fishing tournament may help search for ETX man


This weekend, the Texas anglers are headed to Lake Palestine for the 2012 season opener.

It's an annual fishing tournament that will put more than 100 anglers on the water....something the tournament director says could help with the search of the missing pilot

"The more eyes the better in a situation like this and the more people out there on the water the bigger the opportunity to find something sooner," said Regional Manager Porter Trimble.

Zac Blue has fished in this tournament for 12 years and says he was at the lake earlier this week, not far from the scene.

"I actually stayed away from it... stayed a little further south. I just stayed around it...didn't go too close to it," said Blue.  

The director advised the competitors to do the same.

"You know, these guys they are going to scramble all over the lake trying to fish where they can so you know I just had to make them aware that the rescue efforts were still going on and they'll be courteous to stay away," Trimble told us.

"They said that they were going to have divers down and a bunch of search boats out and just to stay as far away from them and you know stay away from the divers for safety reasons and let them do their jobs,"said angler Brandon Brewer.

It's something the anglers say they will stay away from.

"Of course if it was one of our loved ones that were out there we wouldn't want anybody interfering with that," Brewer told us.

With more than 100 extra people on the lake, these anglers say they will stay out of the way, while keeping an eye out for clues that could lead them to the missing pilot.

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