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Cable-guy saves infant from choking

LANSING, MI (CNN) - Lots of people complain about their cable provider. One mother probably won't be one of them, after her technician saved her four-month-old daughter's life.

AT&T technician Andrel Reid was sent to Christine Duffy's house for a service call. While he was there, Duffy's baby, Sarah, got in some serious trouble.

That's when Reid jumped into action. Turns out Reid is CPR-certified as part of his job training.

"I put the baby in a position that I was taught in training, put the baby in my palm, flipped her over and gave her a light trust to her back and that's when everything came up and the baby actually started laughing and smiling at me," Reid shared.

Though he's never done it before, he said in the face of an emergency, the training came back to him like second nature.

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