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03/04/04 - Longview

Man Charged with Videotaping Women's Restroom

    A former radio station manager in Mount Pleasant is arrested in Louisiana, after being sought out in a bizarre case, accused of secretly videotaping women in the restroom of his former radio station. Employees of tiny La Fuerza Spanish radio station in Mount Pleasant are relieved that a former manager of their station has been arrested.

  "There was an employee advising us that they had found a camera in the ceiling of the womens restroom at the radio station" said sheriffs investigator Lt. Chris Bragg. 

  Sheriffs  say 34 year old Jose Maria Ardon used the camera to videotape underage girls who were employees, using the facilities.

"It was unbelievable I was , everybody associated with the station was in shock... We trusted this person" said radio station manager Leo Ashcroft. This past October, when the station moved operations, one employee found the tape ardon was using, and, seeing what was on it took it to sheriff's deputies.

   "Not long after he was interviewed by investigators here, he did leave mount pleasant" Bragg said. Unknown to Ardon , he had bought a car that had a global positioning satellite transmitter in it, and that's how authorities found out where he was in bossier city. Ardon was finally caught after being spotted in a Louisiana church van with a group that was going to see the Passion of the Christ.

   Ardon faces a state felony charge of illegal photography or visual recording. Bob Hallmark reporting.

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