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03/03/04 - Tyler

Man Wounded In Tyler Standoff

A simple search by two police officers for a man who had evaded them from a traffic violation on Tuesday, turned into an armed standoff in south Tyler. 24 year old Matthew Taylor barricaded himself in a home on Delmar street and refused to come out.

"He started screaming, I didn't know they said at one time he threatened to take his own life with that shotgun," said neighborhood witness J.L. Countryman.

SWAT members and regular police units dug in around the home where Taylor had barricaded himself in, armed with a shotgun, a home where four other people were inside.

"Officers backed out of the home the area was surrounded, perimeter was set up to keep him in and keep others from getting in range of deadly fire," said Tyler police officer Chris Moore.

First responding officers say Taylor refused to be taken and let three of the people out immediately before slamming the door, and later let a 4th person out. "Very unnerving, very unnerving. It makes me want to move," said neighbor Marcy Herber.

Over two-and-a-half hours, repeated attempts by a negotiating team were met with angry responses. Finally a SWAT member shot Taylor in the arm as he pointed the gun at and officer. Taylor came out a second time and was shot two more times with a bean bag shotgun. He was hospitalized, but is expected to survivce his injuries.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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