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More Complaints Filed on Brite Way

Jeremy Young has been a Brite Way customer for two years. The clothes he wore at his wedding in September are now gone, along with several other garments, all totaling about $300.

"It was pretty much my whole wardrobe," he said.

Jeremy says he went to pick up his clothes from the cleaners Friday, Feb. 20, the day Brite Way shut down production at all nine of its locations in East Texas. His clothes were supposed to be transferred from Lindale to the only Tyler location still open for pickup. But Jeremy's clothes were nowhere to be found.

"I've talked to Brite Way every day since then, up until now, two or three times a day," he said. "Can't get any answer."

Today, he tried again.

"Did y'all ever find out anything about my clothes?" he asked the store manager, who replied, "They said they were still working on it."

"Even more than the sentimental value of the clothes, that one pair, it's just the frustration and the anguish of having to steadily be trying to get a response out of these people," Jeremy said.

Jeremy's case is not unique. Eleven other customers, this year alone, have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau, citing similar stories of loss, totaling $1,157. In the three years before (2001-03), the BBB received 36 customer complaints, with $4,129 lost. The Tyler BBB terminated Brite Way's membership this year because of unanswered complaints. Jeremy plans to write the corporate office or take Brite Way to court.

According to the BBB, the owner of Brite Way decided to close down his nine locations in East Texas for personal reasons.

Julie Tam, reporting.

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