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Changing Our World - Ann and Isidor Saslav

Changing Our World; Ann and Isidor Joan Hallmark

 Ann and Isidor Saslav's "Adventures With The Arts" program is a little bit language lesson ...Italian is the language of music, a little bit music history..and a whole lot of fun.

The Saslavs have shared their music with the children of Tyler independent school district, and others thoughout the nation, for over twenty years.

Ann Saslav is a native of Overton. Isidor is an "Honorary Texan" by way of Detroit.

The two met at Indiana University and soon were performing throughout the world, winning accolades and awards. I

n their program the Saslavs not only introduce their young audience to great music,they help them participate in it through keeping the beat, composing music, and even playing a priceless violen.

 Ann and Isidor Saslav hope their program will encourage youngsters to want to play musical instruments themselves.

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