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EXCLUSIVE: ETX teacher speaks out about allegations

We spoke with the Overton teacher who was accused of throwing a mechanical pencil at one of her freshman math student's last week.

According to the victim's statement, the teacher threw a mechanical pencil at his face last Monday while working at his desk, causing an injury to his chin.

We did not identify the teacher last week when the incident occurred because criminal charges had not been filed, and even now, Rusk County district attorneys have still not received the case, so charges are still pending. The teacher Tracie Marshall is back in the classroom.

"I would never hurt a child, I wouldn't be in teaching if I did," Marshall told us.

Marshall said after seventeen years of teaching, she has never experienced any kind of accusation.

"I've never had any trouble, you know we've had instances happen, we've handled them, we've got them out of the room, you know, everything roll smoothly," she told us.

Until last week when Shannon and Jesse Garner say their son, who suffers from Tourette's had a mechanical pencil thrown at him during class.

"He was just working on his work, looking down and he was making his ticking noises and then all the sudden a pencil hit him in the mouth," the Garners explained.

But according to Marshall, the incident went nothing like that.

"He was talking to a student in front of him and the student I was helping kept trying to get in that conversation, and would stop what we were doing," said Marshall.

To get Garner's son to stop talking, she picked up the pencil.

"I was literally like three feet away from him and I literally just tossed it to get his attention, that was it," she told us.

The Garners said it was the noises from his Tourette's that caused Marshall to use the pencil.

"His peers said that his noises were bothering her," Shannon told us.

"It was not a Tourette's problem. It was not sounds, it was just talking, and I was just trying to get him quiet, so the child I was helping could listen," Marshall explained.  

Marshall says in hindsight, she should not have even tossed the pencil.

"It is very difficult, but honestly I know in my heart how the Lord feels and I know he knows what really happened and my intentions," Marshall said.

Again, the Rusk County district attorney's office has not received any information on the case, so no charges have been filed.

Tracie Marshall is still teaching her original math class.

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