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Better East Texas: Obama delivers State of the Union address

By Pat Stacey

The President delivered his State of the Union speech the other night and, not unexpectedly, it outlined the platform that President Obama will be running on. 

So let his campaign for re-election officially begin. 

Several of the points that he made sounded great but Mr. Obama has delivered great messages before only to get distracted and under-deliver on those messages.  He attacked the wealthiest of our nation by declaring that tax reform is needed in the highest wage earning categories.  That absolutely makes sense and you would think it would have been an easy revision to enact, especially when the president had democratic majorities in both houses of congress. 

It may be tougher now in an election year as the republicans will be stubborn to give the president any ammunition that can be used for re-election.  Another point in the state of the union was the General Motors is back and profitable and the number one automaker n the nation.  I am grateful that G-M is doing better but it took a government bailout to help a competitive capitalistic manufacturer get back on its feet. 

I am just not sure that the president really wants to use this as an example of a victory of his administration.  So this truly is the beginning of the campaign and both parties are having to tread cautiously because the American people have very little patience and re-election may be a dirty word for many office holders.  It is a great political system and it makes America unique and stronger and it makes for a Better East Texas.

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