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02/29/04 - Longview

Longview Church Gives Free Movie Tickets

      Long lines formed at Longviews Carmike theatre, not to buy tickets to the "Passion of Christ", but to get free tickets to a special morning showing.

   "I think its awesome i think its a good chance for not just Christians but for anybody to find out what happened" said moviegoer Courtney Coston. 

   In lieu of Sunday services, organizers with Lifepoint church of Longview reserved the theatre spending over 4-thousand dollars on tickets... to give to anyone who wanted to see the film.

    "We wanted to offer it on a Sunday morning simply because we thought that p[people that may not go to church of may not have the finances would be able to do it" said Lifepoint Pastor Bryan Shobert.

  "I feel like I'm already at church this morning coming to see the passion of the Christ, i hear that its a very compelling story" said ticket recipient Alversia Sibley.

   Capacity was 720 people and that was reached within minutes... and some camped out overnight to get tickets.

  Shobert sees the movie as a tool of outreach to those who would share their faith.  Old and young... People of all backgrounds came together .. To experience a story that the bible says is not yet finished. Bob Hallmark reporting.

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