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Winnsboro Center for the Arts hosts screenwriting workshop


Future filmmakers, get ready: The Winnsboro Center for the Arts is hosting a screenwriting workshop this Saturday, Feb. 11, and you're invited.

The Winnsboro Center for the Arts, founded in 2001, hosts theater, art and photography classes and also serves as a live music venue in downtown Winnsboro.

Organizers said there was a huge interest and demand for such a class.

"It's amazing that there are so many writers to begin with. I have been so surprised to meet so many writers, published writers and aspiring writers. Some of the people that have written books have said, you know, I've always wanted to explore the idea of doing a film. I'd like to see my book as a film," said Maryann Miller, the Theater Director for the Center of the Arts.

And it's that interest in the arts, and in cultivating personal projects, that led Miller to offer the screenwriting workshop.

"There's just something so thrilling about getting together with people who are excited about story, excited about film, excited about what you can do and how you can bring a story to life. I mean, here it is on paper, but then it becomes alive," she said.

Miller says the number one thing screenwriters must remember is that film is a visual medium.

"In a book you can write what a person's thinking or they're perhaps reflecting on something that happened in the past. Well, you can't do that. You have to always think about what can actually be shown," said Miller.

But Miller's teaching partner Rich Burlingham says that script is the first, and most essential part, of any film.

"A script, you know, it's the blueprint of a film. And so you can't really not have it. So when you watch the Oscars and see the screenwriters come up to get their award, applaud to them because without the script, there's no film, Burlingham said.

At the workshop, You'll learn how to develop ideas and characters and what the main elements of a screenplay are.

The workshop costs $35 and lasts from 10 am until 2 pm. And you'll be able to register at the door Saturday morning if you need to.

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