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Tyler Water Woes Continue

Tyler City officials have once again decided to shut off the water at the Palestine Water Treatment Plant.

Since Monday, complaints have come in to the city, mostly from residents in South Tyler, about the taste and smell of the water. In December, the plant was totally shut down because of the same thing.

City officials blame an algae problem at the lake. They were hoping the time off would help clean things out, but residents and business managers alike said that has not been the case. TGI Friday's was one of many South Tyler restaurants that decided to serve bottle water and sodas the last few days.

The city has not turned the plant off totally. They say they will pump about $15 million gallons of water through the plant in the next day or so to try and flush the algae out. Water officials say they will not open the plant to the rest of the system until the problem is cured.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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