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Changing Our World - Sadie Phillips

Changing Our World - Sadie Phillips

It was at Jarvis Christian College that Sadie Philips met and married her husband Obie, and together they helped make educational history in Anderson County.

Obie was principal of Clemmons High School in , While Sadie taught english and music, directed operettas and plays, and established the school's first library. I

n Sadie's early days of teaching, schools were segregated and conditions primitive. And yet students from those classes excelled as doctors, lawyers, teachers and engineers.

 Billye Suber Aaron was an outstanding Atlanta television reporter before marrying baseball great Hank Aaron., these students inspired Sadie to write her book "Personal Portrayals of Positive Proof".

Five other books on Anderson County Black History followed. In writing her histories, Sadie hasn't forgotton her family.

In addition to compiling her family tree, she wrote individual family histories for each of her seven children, including son John, a Major General in the Airforce and former Deputy Secretary of Defense under President Clinton, who was also a recipient of one of Sadie's history books.

Sadie's husband Obie passed away last year. But even that loss and reaching the age of 85 haven't slowed Sadie Phillips down. She continues to write, lecture and compile historic displays and she advises us all to write our own family histories. She says, "If we know where we came from, we can see which way we're going.

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