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ETX group supports enforcing sonograms before abortions



As of Tuesday, Texas women wanting an abortion are required to have a sonogram and listen to the heartbeat.

Last August, a judge ruled the law was "unconstitutionally vague", and violated the first amendment by forcing doctors and patients to engage in government mandated speech.

But that same judge has now said he cannot overturn a ruling by a higher court, that says opponents of the law did not prove it violated the constitution.

An East Texas group, who helps provide health care to women, says the law will save lives.

Ana, 18, is eight weeks pregnant. 

"This is your little baby right here. Do you see that heartbeat?" said a doctor giving Ana her sonogram.

Ana says seeing and hearing her baby's heartbeat changed her life.

"It was really amazing because you can't imagine that that's like your baby and stuff so it was like really amazing," said Ana. 

The law requires doctors to show women images from sonograms and play the heartbeat aloud at least 24 hours before the abortion.
"By delaying it and letting those moms see that baby, it's making it real for them. It's a decision they have to live with for the rest of their life," said Julie Wood.

For six years, Julie Wood has given free ultrasounds at the Pregnancy Resource Center in Tyler. The center is faith based and operates solely on donations, meaning they're not mandated by the state. They also counsel women on the choices they have, outside of abortion.

"Every week we may do four or five girls a week that are abortion minded, of those four or five, I mean maybe one a month goes and has the actual abortion. So, it's really cut down on abortions in Tyler and it's made a huge different in life, said Wood. 

Wood says seeing the ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat saves lives.

There are exceptions to the law. Women who have been victims of sexual assault or incest are not required to see a sonogram image or hear the heartbeat. That also applies to fetuses with an irreversible medical condition. 

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