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Were you debating this women's issue at the watercooler today?

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Here's some of what we're working on for you today:

There's been much debate about the law that requires doctors to show women images from sonograms and play the heartbeat aloud at least 24 hours before an abortion. A judge ruled in August that the law was unconstitutionally vague and violated the First Amendment by forcing doctors and patients to engage in government-mandated speech. However, the judge has now changed his mind on the issue; more on that at 5, plus an interview with a woman in ETX who works for the Tyler Abortion Resource Center who will tell us what she has seen as she's used sonograms in counseling women.

Also in women's health news, the controversy continues today for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, whose Vice President has resigned following a controversy over funding for some Planned Parenthood projects. Details at 5.

At 6, we'll tell you about a man who was found by ETX police in an odd place after burglarizing a house. He didn't exactly complete his mission; don't miss this strange news story.

An ETX home to help women and families facing difficult times has been burglarized. The Chrysalis House in Sulphur Springs exists to help women and families needing assistance during difficult times. The group has been renovating their building to better serve East Texans, but vandals searching for copper ripped through the walls all over the facility. KLTV's Samantha Jordan was in Sulphur Springs today and spoke with the home's founder, Tammy Pearson. We'll have that story for you, and tell you how you can help, at 6.

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