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2/25/04 - Tyler

Roundtable Passionately Debates Movie

A Christian pastor, a Jewish rabbi, and a catholic priest sat down together this morning on KTBB's "The Roger Gray Show" to discuss the film they saw together last night. They agreed on several things.

"It was a very dramatic presentation," said Monsignor Joseph Strickland of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of Tyler.

"A really powerful movie," said Reverend Jeff Wilson of First Christian Church Tyler.

"A beautifully done movie," added Rabbi Neal Katz of Congregation Beth El Tyler.

They disagreed on many others things.

"Coming from a catholic background, I just saw it as depicting what the gospels speak of," said Strickland.

"As a Jew, I saw it simply for a lot of it's historical inaccuracies and certainly the way that depicted the Jewish community which again is not in sinc with the full account of the gospels and so forth," said Katz.

"As I looked at it, I didn't see anti-Semitic," said Wilson. "I saw this huge justifiable accusation against the ugliness in humanity."

All agreed this movie was Mel Gibson's interpretation of the gospels, aspects of which Gibson made up, and some of it over the top, all of which making it impossible for everyone to agree on the message.

"We couldn't all sit down and read those gospels right now, and not have a different blush and a different take," said Wilson.

"It's controversial," said Strickland. "Jesus was controversial. Living the message of the gospel is controversial. So in that context, its' going to be controversial, and as you said, each individual has to look at it and will bring their own history into it."

"Some Jews at the time of Jesus were responsible for his death," said Katz. "Some Jews, but then again not all Jews at the time, nor no Jews since the time bear any blame."

The discussion was positive, and all agreed necessary, if only to see how others see.

Kevin Berns reporting

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