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2/25/04 - Longview

East Texans View "The Passion" In Longview

The Carmike Ten Cinemas in Longview began showing the film, "The Passion Of The Christ" Wednesday. Hundreds of people packed the theater.

Moviegoers came excited to see the film on the opening day but they left visibly moved by the images they had witnessed.

"I'm real excited and I'm suppose to be at work too, so that's not good," says Susie Oakes as she arrived at the theater. 

This is no ordinary opening day for a movie. Everyone here anticipated what they were about to see.   They were unsure if they were ready for the brutality they heard would be depicted.

"I have no idea actually, my family has seen it last night and they said it was wonderful but it was extremely emotional. They said bring kleenex. We'll see what happens," says David Adams.

"I don't know if it's going to change me it might make me more humble. Or it might make me realize that what I've been taught growing up as a child is really true," says Gus Matthews.

Then the movie played. The beatings, his death and his message.  As they left the theater, the expressions on their faces were different. 

"It's like you're there. And you want to help but you can't. I can't talk," says Susie Oakes as she fought back the tears.

"It's very powerful, much more than I expected. It's very moving.  Very true to the story," says Gus.

The moviegoers said "The Passion of The Christ" was not just a movie.  They said it was an experience that left them changed.  "It makes you think. It did change it somewhat. It leaves me... I have to think about it," says Gus.

Amy Tatum, reporting.

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