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Officer recovering after being hit by drunk driver


Tyler Police say just after 2 a.m. Sunday morning, a truck ran a red light and hit a patrol car on Broadway and Front street. The driver of that truck, 29-year-old Danny Harper, was booked into the Smith County Jail. Harper is charged with driving while intoxicated, and this isn't his first arrest.

The Tyler Patrol car is cracked, smashed and has some pieces that are just barely hanging on. Fortunately, the officer who was behind the wheel when the wreck happened, is in much better shape than the car.

"Officer Eddins was, very fortunately, not seriously injured. She did suffer an injury to her ankle. She is out on injury leave right now awaiting some doctor reports to find out what the extent of her injuries is," says Tyler Police Officer Don Martin.

Tyler Police say Officer Eddins was  headed northbound on Broadway when a car heading westbound on Front Street hit her at the intersection.

"She had a green light and as she was approaching the intersection, actually going through the intersection, she was basically broadsided. After the collision, it was determined that the driver of that vehicle was intoxicated and he was arrested on the scene for DWI," says Martin.

The driver of the other vehicle was 29-year-old Danny Harper. A quick records search showed this wasn't his first DWI arrest. He has been booked into jail three times on driving while intoxicated charges and once for driving while his license was invalid.

Tyler Police say Officer Eddins is lucky Harper's actions did not result in something worse.

"She's out there protecting [the public] and we're very fortunate that she wasn't seriously injured, it could have resulted in a death," says Harper.

The department says they're hoping for a speedy recovery.

Officer Don Martin tells us there are actually more officers killed in the line of duty by car accidents than there are by violent crimes.

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