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Looking to lose weight? Just 'Fork It!'


Ever wonder how French women get that tiny waistline? Well they're claiming it's as easy as watching what you eat--with what you eat.

It's called "The Fork It," a diet that's based all around your fork.

A local dietitian gave us the skinny on this new diet.

How would you like to eat and still lose weight? Sounds good, right? According to a new diet called The Fork It, you can lose weight just by eating meals that could only be eaten with a fork.

Dietician Jennifer Green says, "Well, I think it's nice because you don't have to count calories or really think too much about what you're eating--  just as long as you can eat it with a fork, which is kind of nice."

Fork It's main goal is to maintain that desired weight without having to count calories, measure food, or totally restrict yourself from your favorite food.

Pretty much you can't use a knife, spoon or your hands when it comes to the evening meal. You also want to keep another thing in mind: it has to be things that you would normally eat with a fork.

In the morning, the Fork It diet allows you to eat whatever you want. Its the meal that keeps you going for lunch. The diet encourages you to eat high protein and starches with some veggies.

But dinner is where it really counts. The key to the diet: At dinner, you want to eat protein. Fish is what the diet recommends, with lots of veggies and some starch and of course, no dessert.

Green says its hard to believe a diet like this one will work.

"You're cutting out some of your major food groups like fruits and vegetables -- depending on how strict you want to be with the diet," she says.

Rather than eat foods that can only be eaten with a fork, Green says it's all about moderation--lots of fruits and vegetables, and whole wheat grains.

Green says before making any changes to your diet, it's good to consult with your doctor to see if they have any suggestions and to make sure its safe.

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