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Family and friends remember Winfrey and Garza Brothers


Three men died last night when their vehicle hit a tree. Rusk county authorities said the wreck happened around 9 o'clock on Highway 42, near County Road 4118D.

"We got the call around 10:30, I was already in bed, and my friend Summer called me. I didn't answer, then I had three different people call me," said Asiarae Garza, Nicolas and Tomas' younger sister.

Asiarae said she knew something wasn't right when those calls started coming in.
"I had that gut feeling that it wasn't going to be good at all and when I finally answered they told me that my brothers were in a wreck so we rushed out there," said Asiarae.

Officials said Blake Winfrey, and brothers Nicolas and Tomas Garza were heading northbound on Highway 42, when their vehicle veered into the southbound lane.

That's when authorities said the driver, Blake, over-corrected and went off the road, hitting a tree.

"Not even 2 miles away from their house," said Nicolas Mount, Nicolas and Tomas' friend.
Nicolas said he's known the three since high school and spent a lot of time with the Garza brothers.

"They were outgoing, did whatever they could to help, extremely protective of their family, and helped out pretty much anyone they could," said Nicolas.

"Nico was all about sports. Tomas was a band geek, of course. They were loved," said Asiarae.

A fund for the Garza brothers and Blake Winfrey has been set up at the Woodforest Bank in Henderson.

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